ages 4 - 5

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Program Description

In our Pre-Kindergarten program, children will experience a more traditional classroom experience in a natural setting while building skills through play and teacher-directed experiences.

Children enrolled in the Nest program are grouped into classes that meet the developmental needs and ages of children registered for the program. In our Pre-Kindergarten class, children range in age from 4-5 years old. Our skilled teachers follow a nature-based curriculum that allows each child to have an active role in their learning. The dynamic nature of the program is based on our daily schedule which provides structure and predictability for our students while remaining open to what emerges between the child, the teacher, and the environment.

Sample Schedule


*The locations and duration of learning activities may vary according to weather conditions, seasonal changes, and the nature of student engagement.

Program Details


The Nest follows the Wheeler School Vacation/Holiday Schedule. The Nest at Wheeler begins on September 1st, 2021 and last day of the program will be on June 9th, 2022.

Indoor / Outdoor Curriculum

Each day, supported by our child-centered curriculum, students will be exposed to all aspects of development.