Safety / Covid-19

At the Nest at Wheeler, safety is our number one priority!

Are there health services?

  • Yes, there are health services on site.

Is the staff trained in First Aid?

  • Yes, all Nest staff have up-to-date First Aid and CPR training and certification.

How do you keep the children safe?

  • We have a low student/teacher ratio.
  • We establish routines, clear expectations, and physical boundaries.
  • Children are always in sight of their teachers at all times throughout the day.
  • We practice routine emergency/fire drills several times a year.
  • We allow pick-up by designated persons only.

The Nest’s plan is best described as layered (or as one health expert called it) “the safety lasagna.” Each layer provides greater protection from transmission and all layers of protection are used simultaneously whenever feasible. Each lowers our risk of transmission within our community. Layers include:

  • 6 ft radius of Physical Distancing
  • Required mask-wearing indoors & outdoors with mask breaks provided throughout the day
  • Stable Groupings to limit exposure and aide contact tracing
  • Based on enrollment, stable groups may be broken up into smaller pods.
  • Cleaning and Hand Hygiene throughout the day
  • Ventilation and use outdoor space
  • Screening and Health Protocols
  • Community Commitments inside and outside school


Stable Groups — The Nest will be broken up into 2 stable groups; Nursery & PreK.  Enrollment will determine if smaller pods within the grade levels are needed.  Teachers’ assignments will be limited as much as possible to align with stable pods and groups. 

Each student has individually-boxed supplies for use in the classroom. Any shared materials will be sanitized after each use.

Masks — All members of The Nest will be required to wear a mask during the school day. Students will be able to take mask breaks outside. Mask breaks will be taken, when possible, only when students are outside and greater than 6 ft apart, within a small group. With clean hands, teachers support children when needed to take off and put on masks after snack, lunch, and mask breaks.

Hand Hygiene — Regular handwashing is required throughout the school day.  Hand sanitizer will be placed inside each building entry door and in each classroom. Hands are cleaned and sanitized immediately before snack.  Sanitizer is used when entering the building and hands washed frequently throughout the day.

Cleaning and Disinfecting — Cleaning and disinfecting procedures will be followed throughout the school day and every evening after school. 

Lunch and Snack — Takes place outdoors as much as possible.  Children are physically distanced when eating.  In the event this takes place indoors all tables are equipped with plexiglass barriers. 

Health Services — A space at the Farm has been designated as the Health Center.  The center is for well visits and for anyone experiencing symptoms. An isolation zone is available for caring for individuals experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 illness.

Screening — All members of the school community are required to fill out a daily screening app. All parents must use the safety app to respond to COVID-related questions regarding the health and wellness of your child(ren). In the case of siblings, the app needs to be completed for each child. A green pass, indicating that your child is cleared to attend school, will be required at entry each morning by you, their parent, or by whoever will be bringing them to school.

*Updated 21-22 Information to be available to parents this summer*


The Nest follows the Wheeler School Vacation/Holiday Schedule.