Courtney Newby

Courtney Newby comes from an extended family of educators who established a school to educate children in the rural South during the early 1900’s.  She was born in Alabama at John A. Andrew Hospital on the historic campus of Tuskegee University. As a young child she lived in Alabama until she was eight years of age prior to relocating to Rhode Island with her family.  She attended public and parochial schools in Providence and enjoyed playing basketball and participating in youth activities.

Courtney, an accomplished educator has engaged in many roles within Early Childhood education for over 20 years. She explored many other educational opportunities but her love for Early Childhood education made her realize that she would not be happy doing anything else. Courtney earned her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education in 2018 and graduated with honors. She has a particular interest in the social emotional needs of her students.  She enjoys engaging in family and community outreach to support parents and communities to achieve the best outcomes for their children.  Her passion for the Early Childhood specialty was so prominent that her academic advisor at Rhode Island College nominated her for the Sister Mary Frances Ryan, R.S.M. Early Childhood Education Award, which she received in April of 2018. Courtney has presented at national and local conferences, related to Early Childhood Education.

Courtney has two daughters who presently are in high school and college. During her leisure time she enjoys taking nature walks, enjoying the beach and tending to her ever growing houseplant collection.