Parent Voices: One

Kindergarten & First Grade Parent

“Before arriving at Wheeler, I was planning to homeschool my two young children. I did not have faith that I could find a preschool program in the area that had all the things I value in an early childhood education. I really wanted school to be an intellectually stimulating adventure for them; a place where learning was guided by their interests. Most importantly, I wanted all of their intersecting identities to be affirmed as they experienced a (truly) diverse learning community that was culturally responsive and inclusive. At Wheeler, I found all of that and more. My son’s love for animals is supported through the farm program where he gets to learn about nature while gaining hands-on, scientific experience in the forest with his peers. My daughter gets to explore her love for culture through the Unity & Diversity curriculum which empowers her to be confident in her skin and celebrate her identity as one who is of African descent. The language program available to Lower School students has cultivated within them a deep appreciation for Mexican culture and the Spanish language. At Wheeler, my little ones are seen and validated and they are taught to accept and validate others as well. My mind is at ease knowing that learning is indeed an adventure for them that it is led by their curiosity. The folks who facilitate it are experts in their fields who truly care about their well-being and the world.”

– Kindergarten & First Grade Parent